Naukri: Five best Skill for freelancing Naukri and start earning

Naukri: Five best Skill for freelancing Naukri and start earning

In the coming days, large sources of income and employment will be outsourcing or freelancing. Currently, half of the world’s information technology engineers are working in thousands of online worlds. Besides, about two lakh youths in the country are involved in freelancing. These numbers are increasingly increasing. Inspired by their success many of them fall down to freelancing. However, before proceeding to work, it is possible to know which work is more popular or possible for Bangladeshi marketers, it should be well known.

Web Development:

In this period of technology advancement, in addition to the small and big business organizations in the world, almost everyone is slowly leaning towards the Internet in personal and social fields. Everyone wants to have a virtual address. Because, through a website, an organization can establish direct communication with its customers on the one hand, on the other hand, it can easily communicate with their own branches located in different cities or countries and at low cost. The total number of websites currently in the web world is about 65 crore Thousands of websites are being created every day. Designed to create this huge number of websites as well as web development, Good webpage developers need to develop new websites or to develop new websites. That’s why the demand for web development on the local market, including the online marketplace, is increasing.

Obviously, the most demanding and reliable work in popular online marketplaces, including,  ODesk, Freelancer, Ilanas, web development. ODesk almost always has more than 10 thousand Naukri in the web development category. Approximately 35 percent of the Elance’s work is web development. Hundreds of Naukri are constantly being added. There are many who are working on web development at ODesk for more than 150 dollars per hour. However, the amount of income depends on how much you can make yourself as a web developer. To be a professional web developer, you must know well about HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, MySQL and related topics. Anyone can enter the market of hundreds of millions of web development markets, learning these things well.

Web & Graphics Design:

Draw more attention to draw! Want to do something creative? If you have time, you can start working with computer paint tools, photoshop, Illustrator trees, birds, flowers, fruits, home scenes, anyone’s name or picture. Looking for work in part time or work? Do you want to earn more income in the online marketplace? If you think of the graphics design The graphics design profession is more secure and hassle than other Naukri. The reason for saying safe and uncomfortable is that there is no lack of graphics designers in contrast to other profession. This is a respectable profession. A graphics designer has been able to meet the needs of the customer through using a variety of colors, typefaces, images and animations. The output can be either digital or print. If you can create yourself well then there is no lack of a graphics designer. There is a demand for work in various sectors including interactive media, promotional display, journal, corporate report, marketing brochure, newspaper, magazines, logo design, website design. Why do not I say the local market or the online Naukri marketplace, increasing the amount of graphic design work every time.

According to designer Salaridge, an international organization working with designers, a designer can earn $ 100,000 per year for graphics design or related job or work. As a result, Bangladeshi can earn around Tk 80 lakh. Depending on the graphic design of Bangladesh, deputies in Bangladesh pay 20 to 50 thousand rupees. Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts can be between one and one and a half million taka. Besides, the design of a logo on the online marketplace is available from five dollars to two thousand dollars. However, if it is more creative in skill, then it can be up to five thousand dollars. In addition to designing a fast page for a website, you can get up to $ 50 to $ 3,000. 99 There are many online marketplaces, such as, Freelancer, Odesk, where these works are available. So web and graphics design can be the most useful profession of a freelancer Naukri.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing:

Although marketplace is not working, one of the main ways to build a career in online Naukri is in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. Many youngsters from Bangladesh now ensure their smart career through BusanGing and Affiliate. The number of successful buyers and affiliate marketers earning between $ 2 and 10 thousand dollars per month from this sector is also many. Blogging and affiliate marketing are almost the same thing. Both are possible through a website. Not only money, but also huge honor through Bonnigings. It is also considered as the journalists of the global world as well. As a smart carrier, Hotgiving is now hot cakes among web entrepreneurs.

There are many ways to earn money through Busenging. In this Google AdSense is the most popular way in our country. In the search engine giant’s advertising platform, there are also a number of bustlers earning over $ 10,000 per month. Google Adsense and direct advertising space can be sold in a variety of ways, including a settlement. There is a chance to earn a referee by recommending a specific product through its own boss, which is called Affiliate Marketing. This affiliate marketing is also a useful tool for the good income from internet. Through this you can earn more than any other way of earning, such as AdSense.

But you have to be tactful to move forward in this huge field. You should know all the ways tested. From the creation of the website, the Amazon Affiliate Program, product research (selection of demanding beneficial products), keyword research (targeting targeted keyword search products from search engines), product reviews (encouraging customers to buy products by writing products and writing). Various pois including bringing traffic traffic to the site through online marketing This is to know. In this case, writing in English or interested in writings can come forward and enter the prestigious profession.

Search Engine Optimization:

In the era of internet business, without any website, it can not be imagined. Again, there are websites but it does not last now. It also requires extensive marketing to reach everywhere. Search engine optimization is one of the most important ways to spread the website everywhere. The techniques that Google brings to the website in the first place are called search engine optimization. Every day as many websites are growing, search engine optimization work is also increasing. Freelancing marketplaces are also increasing day by day job search engine optimization. And this may be one of the young people who want to be freelancer as this field. According to the freelance marketplace, a skilled search engine optimizer can earn up to 50,000 to 2 million taka per month. Need is the right direction, effort, patience and time. Now, along with boys, girls are doing very well in this profession. According to the popular search engine optimization, according to the data collected by the blog, 23 out of every 100 freelance search engine optimizer is women. Now we have 12 percent of the market capitalization of ODesk. In the meantime, search engine optimization (SEO) work is done most. Not only ODesk, other marketplaces are also increasing the footprint of Bangladeshis for search engine optimization. Debtstim Limited is the first software development and internet marketing service provider in Bangladesh, losing freelancers from countries like Pakistan, Australia in the content writing and search engine optimization (SEO) 2019 for Ways to Increase Website Traffic organized by last year . And for this reason Bangladesh is now a very familiar name in the search engine optimization world.

If you know English fairly, you can start learning search engine optimization. SEO has some things that are not very difficult. This type of work can be done with two-thirds of the training. Where to get training. From the Internet you can learn the details of search engine optimization. Take the training if necessary. You can start a career in this work of demand.

What the concerned said

Many people do not understand, without understanding and fall in freelancing. As a result, you can not move forward and move forward. So, knowing the work that you like or likes to work well, you should come to the marketplace after knowing well. The online marketplace has more than 500 types of work, from which you have to choose what you want to do. After knowing how to work in the marketplace with training from online resource or better training institute, you will have to go to work. Saying this, Saidur Mamun Khan, Country Manager, Popular Online Marketplace Illance

Mahmud Hasan Sunny, country ambassador to the other top freelancing Naukri marketplace mJOBrr, said, “You can see what is going to be good without considering the good income.” Before starting any work, you can get an idea about it from online resources. Then you have to learn what you think will be possible. If you need any guideline, you can get Facebook page, group and forum for online marketplace including facebook odds. Remember, nobody online will give you money online. If you get some good output from you, they will be able to work and pay. So let’s get to know the job well. If you work well, then there is no lack of work.

Al-Amin Kabir, chief executive officer of Freestyle’s outsourcing training institute Devstimme, the chief organization of the institute, said many people did not understand the training to come to learn freelancing. We always tell them that the basics of the things you want to work with know from online resources. If you can do well in this regard, you can understand. Otherwise, the training should be lost during the training. There are many resources online, from there you can learn any work. If you need a guideline for free, you can come to the Devastium Institute. However, if you want to learn to work in a short time, then the guides should be guided or trained. Before taking the training, know about the organization well and do not be deceived.

Content Writing:

The easiest and most likely way to earn online is writing, which is called Article Writing or Content Writing or Content Developing. Those who are good in English can write as a career. Content writers write content for different purposes. In addition to web content, content for different business organizations is developed for resources books, brochures, leaflets or other promotional purposes. A Content Developer has many working areas. The fields are copyrighted, blog writing, web content, press release writing, translation, transcription, samarization, resume writing, power point presentation etc. The writing depends on the author’s expertise, taste, co-operation, the subject or topic being written for his needs. However, regardless of the content, a web content writer has to create a database by doing research on a particular topic. A content writer in the developed world is also called journalist or researcher. According to the content, the line of action is to be decided. The writing must be lively and important. Remember to write as a Writer who will read your articles on the website, they spend minutes per minute and spend a fixed amount of money. So they will want to read the necessary things in the shortest time. So you have to write informational, short subject based writing. Writing content will not be able to copy the text of others in some way. As it increases your acceptance as a writer, the way to earning will also be broadened. To be a content writer you must be good at English. Required pure spelling American spelling must be learned correctly. There should be a good idea about grammar. In this case, there is a good idea about British and American grammar. And be careful about issues that are necessary for freelancing, such as communicating with the client, writing cover letter, updating.

There are many freelance writers in Bangladesh who earn up to $ 10 to 30 dollars per hour. Apart from this, you can also earn between Tk 30,000 and Rs 1 lakh in local-foreign internet marketing or content marketing institute. You can also create freelancing Naukri carrier as Content Writer.



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Job Search Engines: List of the 8 best search engines web

Job Search Engines: List of the 8 best search engines web and digital jobs :

The digital domain is experiencing strong growth. It is a buoyant sector that has generated more than 700,000 jobs over the past 15 years. It is a sector that does not know the crisis and which, each year, creates new trades. So, with so many offers on the market, it can be useful to do research on what is called a meta-engine dedicated to employment.
What is a meta-engine job?

In the web lingo, a meta-engine (or aggregator) is a software that queries several different search engines based on keywords and summarizes the results in a unified form, with each job offering referring to a site source (jobboard, recruitment agency, corporate site, interim company).

In other words, it is a platform allowing to carry out research on numerous sites specialized in the field of employment but also on the sites of companies and recruitment agencies which broadcast job offers.

These search engines save a considerable amount of time as they peel several different job sites to find the job that best meets your expectations and thus avoids you to consult the job sites one by one. The candidate may make a search according to:

– the date of publication
– the geographical position
– sector of activity salary
– the company

8 meta-engines webmarketing & digital jobs under the microscope

The net is full of meta engines job. We will mainly focus on the 8 best web and digital work platforms by comparing the features that these offer.

mJOBrr is a Indian Start-up created in 2016 by I Alam IBM alumni. The Indian site was launched a year later in April 2016. This is freelance Job Search Engines refers to more than 100,000 job offers distributed throughout France.

For the following keywords, mJOBrr offers:

729 offers with the keyword «Freelance» in India
277 offers with the keyword «webmarketing» in India
1872 offers with the keyword «digital» in India


Resume submission: no
Advert alerts:
Tips / testimonials / practical info: no
Mobile Application: yes
Use of social networks: yes
Virtual job advisor: no
RSS feed creation: no


Indeed is a well-known American meta-engine with very good positioning in search results on google Job Search Engines. It is also an application “Indeed ApplyY” available on Apple and Android that allows candidates to apply through the smartphone or their tablet. Despite an interface that makes in simplicity, Indeed finds in a click, job offers free or sponsored. This meta-engine is also aimed at recruiters as it allows them to run their ads, find CVs of potential candidates and build a company page.

For the following keywords, Indeed offers:

2547 offers with the keyword «e-commerce» in Paris
747 offers with the keyword «webmarketing» in Paris
8448 offers with the keyword «digital» in Paris


Resume submission: yes
Advert alerts:
Tips / testimonials / practical info: no
Mobile Application: yes
Use of social networks: no
Virtual job advisor: no
RSS feed creation: no

> Jobijoba

Jobijoba is a search engine developed by a French company. Market leader, this meta Job Search Engines brings together more than 6 million job offers worldwide with 400 partner sites in France and 900 international sites. Its interface is very complete. It contains the famous search bar as well as a meter showing the number of jobs it has to its credit.

For the following keywords, Jobijoba offers:

7739 offers with the keyword «e-commerce» in Paris
498 offers with keyword «webmarketing» in Paris
4875 offers with the keyword «digital» in Paris


Resume submission: yes
Advert alerts:
Tips / testimonials / practical info: yes
Mobile Application: yes
Use of social networks: no
Virtual job advisor: yes
RSS feed creation: yes


Born in 2006 in Kiev, Ukraine, Jooble is a smart and international Job Search Engines, listing job vacancies in 64 countries.

For the following keywords, Jooble offers:

1509 offers with the keyword «e-commerce» in Paris
492 offers with keyword «webmarketing» in Paris
381 offers for keyword «digital» in Paris


Resume submission: no
Advert alerts:
Tips / testimonials / practical info: no
Mobile Application: no
Use of social networks: no
Virtual job advisor: no
RSS feed creation: no


Available in 90 countries and translated into 28 languages, Option-Carriere is a meta-engine that enables targeted Job Search Engines. Option-Carriere is also a volume of 41,134,664 job offers distributed on 30,008 websites worldwide including 894,169 published in France.

For the following keywords, Option-Carriere offers:

9 000 offers with the keyword «e-commerce» in Paris
579 offers with keyword «webmarketing» in Paris
2781 offers with the keyword «digital» in Paris


Resume submission: yes
Advert alerts:
Tips / testimonials / practical info: yes
Mobile Application: yes
Use of social networks: no
Virtual job advisor: no
RSS feed creation: no


Jobrapido is a search engine of Italian origin present in more than 58 countries. Created in 2006 in Milan, this site counts more than 10 million visitors per day! Simple to use, Jobrapido makes it possible to carry out searches by family of trades.

Jobrapido does not provide the number of ads found according to the keyword.


Resume submission: no
Advert alerts:
Tips / testimonials / practical info: no
Mobile Application: yes
Use of social networks: no
Virtual job advisor: no
Creating RSS feeds:

Job Search Engines

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Part Time Work From Home Jobs in India

Part Time Work From Home Jobs in India

We all work to earn money because money is needed to live a comfortable life and fulfill their desires. Most people work in offices, shops, factories, some people enjoy working comfortably at home. The concept of home office is beneficial with each passing day because it ensures flexibility in day-to-day schedules. Today, there are many opportunities available to build a career that allow work at home, which does not require capital investment. Thus many people choose them as primary or secondary sources. These opportunities are beneficial for both men and women, but are ideal for students, housemates or mothers. They can earn money to run their pocket expenses or can contribute to the family in addition to taking care of family and children.

part time work from home jobs

10 Best ways to make money at home without investment are presented below –


  • There should be a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • Some original writing samples you wrote.
  • You must have complete confidence in your English language and grammar skills.
  • At the time of freelance writing, you should be strong enough and committed.
  • You should be strong enough to accept rejection or criticism in your belief because writing is very subjective, a person likes your writing, while not the other.

Freelance Writing – This is one of the best ways to make money. This work involves business of making money online or offline instead of money. In the beginning, the flow of income is not very good and you can feel like you are devoted to time and effort and are not able to make proper profits. But once you become experienced, you can earn a good profit. With more work, you can easily make a good amount for yourself at the end of the month. You can write for websites, you can write articles, blogs, white papers, e-books, sales letters, etc. You can also write for magazines and newspapers. In other words, if you have passion for writing and you prove to be honest then you can start searching for jobs in freelance, writing and earning money.

Make Money Through Blog And Google Adsense –

This is a writing job where you will not have to work for any organization or person. Apart from this you will write your blog. You can earn “more money” with Google Adsense by installing Google ads in your blog or site and secure your salary every month.


  • There should be a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • Create a related blog or site on your favorite topic.
  • Your SEO skills should be good so that you can include more searched terms in your content so that the viewer can increase on your site.
  • Include Google Adsense.
  • Once your blog gets popular and more and more unique viewers visit your site and click on relevant ads, you can definitely get assurance of the steady flow of income.

Become a collaborator and sell their products online –

You can not only earn money in Adsense but you can consider offering their readers to access your database through the advertisers’ banners, links, newsletters, press releases or social media benefits. You can sell other people’s products and services on your website. You can earn money online. It is in reference to the affiliate program that you have chosen. It can be easy, but like blogging, affiliate marketing takes time and some appropriate strategic plans have to be prepared too.


  • There should be a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • Display other people’s products by creating a related site on your favorite topic.
  • Include appropriate SEO techniques to enhance your work.

Online teaching or home tuition –

By teaching at home or offering online classes, you can increase your knowledge. This is a great way to earn money from your home office if you trust your knowledge then you can dedicate yourself some time to the people. In fact, this is a very good option. Nowadays, there are alternatives to online education for a specific period and you can choose the topic in which you have mastered. Similarly, you can start home tuition part time work from home jobs for school and college students in your area.


  • There should be a desktop or laptop with a good internet connection.
  • Start applying for online teacher post in various websites offering online courses.
  • For tuition at home, you only need a room in your house with a table, blackboard and some chairs to accommodate only 5-6 students.
  • Start demo classes soon and if you have good learning skills, then you will be able to teach as many students as possible.

Make your skills or hobby –

You can use your skills and hobbies to earn money sitting at home. Anything can be done by skill, yoga, meditation, aerobics, dance, singing, playing musical instruments, sewing, cooking or handicrafts. You do not need any kind of investment for this. You can start a home business as a yoga instructor, an aerobics trainer, a music teacher. For candle or soap making or foreign language training, from gardening, choose one that you consider yourself to be an expert in cooking.


  • To get your expert group started with your friends and your neighbors, you encourage your idea.
  • Set your timetable in such a way that you can save time.
  • Make a proper timetable, so that people do not wait to meet you. If you are not enthusiastic, people will not be interested in your work.
  • Once you establish yourself, you can begin to increase your salary to do part time work from home jobs .

Crafts Art Benches –

If God has blessed you with creativity, then display it or bench. If you can make beautiful handcrafted items or are a talented painter, then surely you can think of earning money sitting at home. These days, demand for older products is high. You can sell products or pictures of exhibitions of your home or neighborhood. Another way to display these products is on websites, people who buy a product, take commission in it. Better yet, you can create your own website to sell these items. You can post advertisements on eBay, ATC, Craigslist or Social Networking accounts of your goods.


Call center –

With the development of technology, the person working in a call center does not have to be physically present in the office. You can also work from home Selling your time and money – Another useful way to earn money from home.


  • Great quality of sound
  • Ability to speak well and explain to people
  • The ability to gather information quickly.
  • part time work from home jobs
  • Maintaining peace in your home.
  • To answer the customer’s questions, a telephone connection with a suitable telephone and a computer has been installed.
  • This work requires initial training.

Acne transcription –

Chicken transcription is also an option to build a career that can be adopted at part time work from home jobs and it pays well. If your typing speed is good and the computer has great skills, then you can do post-transcription transcription. Doctors need someone who writes the patient’s problems by writing on patient files and presenting them to them. But usually doctors look for part-time transcriptionist. This is a suitable job for people with good type of health and good knowledge of medicine, and good typing in computers and those who have great skills in computers.


  • Initially you will need some specific training.
  • You will need high speed internet.
  • Typically, a reputable company will provide you with all your necessary equipment.
  • There is a need to establish contacts with businesses that are already in business.
  • Set up a smart table according to your convenience so that you can devote to 100% job during that period.

bed and breakfast –

This is a very popular concept in Western countries, it is slowly coming to India. As a housewife, if you can rent a place in your home to earn extra income. If you have an extra bedroom and bathroom, you can earn money by hosting people in your home. This is a good solution for students and travelers.


  • An en suite bathroom with extra room.
  • A bed and some essential furniture.
  • You need to make comfortable rooms.
  • part time work from home jobs
  • Meal is important in B and BS Make a breakfast that will have lasting effects on your guests and increase customers.
  • Put a poster in front of your home and start advertising locally and broadcast words through friends and family.

10. Working for Micro-Job Sites –

Micro jobs are provided by some institutions or companies, where upon review, sharing a webpage, evaluating a product, writing articles, writing a testimonial, surfing the site, clicking on ads, adding data entry etc. Are there. According to a survey, to complete one task within an hour, the income can be between 10 rupees and 100 rupees. Seeing the potential of your work, your income may increase. These are less time consuming tasks (in which you have to work everyday for 2-3 hours), but you have to work regularly to earn good income. If you get medals to do good work, then it becomes more attractive. Part time work from home jobs is  micro jobs  are more popular in the West than in India.

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Will GST be paid on Google Adsense Income?

Will GST be paid on Google Adsense Income?

Friends, in the last article, I told bloggers about giving 18% GST. Many bloggers are making income from AdSense, so they are thinking that there should not be a registrar for GST. Apart from this, bloggers with affiliate marketing are also slightly confused. Let’s talk solidly about this in less words.

When to give GST on Adsense Income?

If you create an Adsense account, you will have the option of taking the payment in rupees and your account comes with the money coming from Google Adsense. Not converting to the dollar, you have to give 18% GST in rupees.

Even if you do not get your income earning once a year, you will have to pay a total of 72 GST return in 12 months.

But one thing is clear, those whose accounts are converted into income dollars and converted to Rupees, they do not have to panic, they will get exemption from the Export of Services rules. Even if he had a money up to only 20 lakhs, then 18% GST would have to be given.

AdSense is a great way to make money online, but earning money through AdSense is one of the most popular ways of monetising web content. The Google AdSense program allows website owners to earn money through the display of advertising on their websites. The ads are served through Google’s AdSense network, which uses a combination of manual and automated processes to serve up advertising on web pages around the world. In this article, we look at how the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will affect the earnings of website owners who use AdSense to monetise their web content.

GST on YouTube income ?

GST has been applied to YouTube advertising revenue since the beginning of 2019. This has led to a significant increase in revenue for creators and content producers, with many receiving their revenue much earlier than expected. This has also had a knock-on effect for Google, which saw its share price drop by up to 7% following the announcement. We will be looking more closely at the impact of GST on YouTube companies in our next research note.
The government has introduced a new tax on YouTube videos, effective from 1 July 2018. The rate of tax is 15% of the gross revenue generated from the ads displayed in the YouTube video. The new tax comes on top of the existing GST that is charged on the entire purchase price of digital products, including those bought on YouTube. If you’re an independent creator, you can claim the new tax deduction on your GST return.
GST on YouTube income is now a thing. Starting July 1, all YouTube content creators in India will be liable to pay GST on all YouTube revenues earned in India. This means that creators will have to register for GST and will have to pay GST on all YouTube income. Currently, only a small percentage of YouTube revenues in India are subject to GST, but the new ruling means that all YouTube revenues will be subject to GST.

WebHosting server is in India then GST will be given

Exemption from the export of services rules will only be available if your site’s web hosting server is not in India. Starting now, bloggers who have purchased Indian servers can migrate to a US server website transfer. Otherwise, be prepared to give GST on your AdSense income. Be smart and give a different penalty.

Similarly, this rule applies to the rest of the ad network as well.

GST on Affiliate Marketing?

Most of the affiliate Digital marketing bloggers are affiliate marketing in India and overseas. If you are just marketing affiliate overseas then you will be protected from GST. But if you do affiliate marketing for India based companies, then you have to give 18% GST. There is no way to escape. It is compulsory to get GST registration on earnings from Amazon, Flipkart,, Hostgator.

Because these companies do business in India, therefore the rule of Export of Services will not be able to be found. If that company is not a registrar in your state.

The companies for which you are affiliates are talking about giving a GST registration number. If you do not register, then it will send 18% GST deduction. In this way you can avoid GST registration, but all companies will do this, nothing can be said.

GST on bloggers earning from the guest post?

Some of us earn from bloggers’ guest posts. They have their own network. If you are posting the guest you will know about it well. Even if you post a guest and you are coming from outside your state, 18% GST will be required. Take an example – I live in Lucknow and if I get a payment from Delhi to post a guest then it will be mandatory for me to get GST registration.


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Find quality sound effects – YouTube

Find quality sound effects – YouTube

It’s your turn

Watch a scene from your favorite movie, show or video without sound, then with sound. What differences did you notice? Did the sounds cause different emotions? Share your experience with the community.

Watch a video you’ve created and imagine what sound effects you could add. Add a few to the video and put it online again. Does your audience welcome it differently? Share both versions of your video with community members and ask if they think you’ve made the right choice for sound effects.

Look for sound effects that you like on the Internet and test them in a video. Then post an excerpt from the video and ask community members if the sounds have the desired effect.

Record your own sound effects by doing some sort of compilation of all the sounds that might be useful for your next videos. Ask your viewers to send you sound clips that they like and embed them in your videos.

Ask your audience to give you ideas for creating props or costumes, and use these suggestions in your next episode. This will allow you to build closer links with your audience.

Record a short video with your mobile phone. Why is it easier to shoot with this camera than with a conventional camera? What about quality?

Creative detour an object that will allow you to film the action. For example, use a trailer, supermarket cart or skateboard, and shoot someone on the move. What technique did you use? How did it help you find a creative solution for filming the action?

Use a lamp or lighting kit to shoot one of the scenes in your video, then try using natural light. Note the differences.

Test different filters and / or gelatins to create a special lighting mood. Upload an excerpt from your video and share it with community members. Then ask them for their opinion on your lighting choices. Did they have the desired effect?

Share a tip or creative idea to create cold lighting.




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Telecommuting Jobs : 3 Million Jobs in Telecom Sector by 2018

Telecommuting Jobs :

There is a good news for people sitting in government job. According to a latest report, there will be 30 lakh jobs in the Telecommuting Jobs sector by 2018. According to a report prepared jointly by Assocham and KPMG, the introduction of 4G technology and the rise in data usage, the arrival of new companies in the market, the trend of digital wallet and the increasing popularity of smartphones across the country, these new jobs are available Will open
According to the report, the current number of people working in the telecom sector and the technical skills they have available to meet the demands of the jobs are not adequate.

More than 8 lakh jobs by 2021

According to the report, about 8 lakh 70 thousand people are expected to get jobs by 2021 due to the rapid growth in the emerging technology and information technology of 5G and M2S. It has been said in the report that there is a lack of efficiency in the people working in this area, which needs to be removed.

Need to identify skilled labor

To overcome the lack of efficiency, there will be a need to identify skilled labor force in various roles such as an Infra and cyber security expert, application developers, sales executives, infrastructure technicians, handset technicians. Also, the efficiency of professionals working on existing techniques will also be increased.

Fast growing customers

In the last few years, the Telecommuting Jobs sector has expanded by 19.6 per cent annually on customer membership basis. In the meantime, income has grown at a pace of 7.07 percent annually.

Invested in the network

According to the report, Telecommuting Jobs service providers have constantly invested in their network and modernized their network infrastructure. Capital expenditure of these companies was Rs 850 billion in the first quarter of 2017.


Telecommuting Jobs

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Top Spring Breakfast Spots

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Freelancers Took Power by 2028

The year is 2028. Freelancers are now at the forefront of the working population. With new rights, they have contributed to disrupting the daily life of companies, labour law and training. Welcome to the future…

The political class has taken up the subject

The impetus given by the self-employed and the collective conscience have overcome political immobility and measures in favour of freelancers are multiplying in the most developed countries. Society and institutions now value this new class of the working population as much as any other status, and freelancers have access to the same social benefits as employees (notably unemployment insurance) thanks to a successful merger of social protection schemes.

New rights

The Labour Code created for our grandparents’ professional world was finally reformed, and a new one was born. It now covers all categories of self-employed workers. Because until the early 2020s, in French labour law, the self-employed did not exist as such…
This new labour code also implies more rights attached to the person and no longer to the status. Already in 2014, the Nobel Prize in Economics Jean Tirole warned us about the obsolescence of labour law and its incompatibility with today’s world.

A New Ecosystem

The ecosystems of the self-employed are becoming considerably stronger at city and regional level, making life for freelancer as comfortable and advantageous as within the company. However, the attractiveness gaps between these different ecosystems are widening between cities and countries, giving rise to freelancing nations, linked together by connected platforms that promote exchanges, mutual aid and opportunities. The development of these local ecosystems facilitates global nomadism by encouraging workers to move from one region to another.

Rethinking Workspaces

The office of yesteryear is dead and the small coworking areas have given way to large real estate complexes entirely designed for the living environment of the self-employed. These spaces house a multitude of work spaces with different atmospheres to satisfy the personality and mood of workers. But also many places dedicated to creativity, relaxation, exchanges. These spaces have become living spaces open 24 hours a day, where freelancers can practice a sporting activity as well as welcome their clients, or be accompanied in their legal or commercial procedures via a dedicated desk, like Apple’s Genius Bar.

These huge structures halfway between coliving and coworking are born in the four corners of the globe and allow workers to switch from one ecosystem to another, and to meet new communities.
Living in connected communities and much more social than before, freelancers come together through professional affinities and naturally form teams that emerge as quickly as they break down, depending on the projects. The technology and flexibility of the new work statutes allow them to easily create ephemeral agencies to assemble their skills and collaborate on large-scale projects. Team organization seems to have become the most comfortable and optimal way to combine economic viability and quality of life. The microagency, the ultimate stage of the freelance consultant? Independent yes, alone no.

Working methods shaken up in ten years

The millennials generation now represents 75% of the working population. We crossed and surpassed the peak of the wage system, which no longer corresponded to our productive system. Freelancing and teleworking have become the norm, just as it is normal to have gone through 15 different jobs in less than 10 years. Most citizens combine several jobs, and organize their week according to their passions. The professional and personal aspirations of individuals have become a central concern of organizations and society as a whole.

What happens to the company?

Within the most advanced companies, the frontier of human resources has now opened up to the ecosystems of the self-employed, and freelancers on assignment are as valued as the rest of the company. More mature and structured, the ecosystem of the self-employed is fully connected to that of the large organizations and bilateral exchanges no longer suffer from insecurity or instability but on the contrary enjoy mutual benefits. Interconnections between these two connected ecosystems have become indispensable.

A readjusted training

The training of individuals within society then became a priority for the State, with a budget for vocational training that has exploded since the reform of vocational training in 2018, and with significant initiatives such as the creation of schools open 24 hours a day for all professionals, in all fields. Accustomed to constant learning and often precursors on the latest expertise, freelancers then become experts on cutting-edge skills and play a key role in spreading innovation.
And you, how do you see 2028?

Rethinking the organization of work

More than a billion jobs have been lost in 10 years. The pace of innovation has become so rapid that the workforce is forced to constantly learn new skills for almost immediate use. The ability to acquire new knowledge then seems more valuable than knowledge itself, at a time when artificial intelligence is spreading across all sectors and continuing to replace more and more jobs.

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5 Reliable Ways To Earn Money Online, Find Out More – Workrr

5 reliable ways to earn money online, find out more

It is possible to earn income in the Nine. But many readers of yours do not know what is possible to earn online. In today’s post I’m going to discuss some reliable ways to make money online. Today you will know how you can earn a lot of earn money online.

Friends, I want to tell you some things before starting the discussion. You earn online and earn offline, no technique is yet to discover that you will become rich overnight. You wake up and become a millionaire. Friends can be just for lottery. Moreover, you can not only say any income, but it can only be done by hard work. The more you give, the more income you can earn. So, first of all, shake the head from the head that you started earning online today and within 10 days the target money came to the earn money online. Yes, one day it will come that you will be able to earn money from online goal. But it requires lot of hard work, fashion ideas, time and skill.

So in a word, I would say that if you can work hard, give a lot of time, and take care of yourself, then only think about earning online. Otherwise it may just waste your time.

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Reliable ways to earn online

  • Earn money from youtube
  • Make money from websites or blogs
  • Earn money through affiliate marketing
  • Earn money from mJOBrr.Com or other freelancing marketplace
  • Make money by sorting the link

Make money online from youtube

It is possible to earn a good amount of money from YouTube. YouTube earns a lot of popularity online for day to earn online. Many people are making a lot of money from YouTube, and you can do it too. If you have a popular YouTube channel and have thousands of subscribers and you have a great view on the video you have made, you can earn a good amount of money from YouTube. Now you’re not discussing this issue with YouTube. Can not find Keno about this subject that he does not know YouTube.

When you upload a video to YouTube, your video will be shown in the ad. This add-ins shows Google’s services through Google Adsense. You need to apply to Google AdSense for Add-ons from YouTube. But do not worry. Your application will be approved very soon, and it will start showing ads on your uploaded video. There are many add provider companies in Google AdSense. Those who pay Google Google will give you a percentage of the money, and Google will keep the rest with you.

YouTube is a very good way to earn online. But it will be better for you when you have a big channel. There will be many subscribers and many of the videos you create will be loved. Now you have to work hard to make big channels and many subscribers, you have to spend a lot of time and you have to be skilled at your work. If you can make a lot of good video, you want to see the whole world, if you can make good presentations and edit videos, youtube can be a good way of earning money for you. You can create any type of video. Whether it’s a tutorial or a technology or cooking program. You make any type of video that you would like to make. Show the world that the videos. If the videos are good, then people will like it and subscribe to your channel. Many people will watch your video and you can earn money online.


Make money online from your website or blog

Another trusted place to earn online is the website or blog. If you have a website or a blog, and if your website or blog has enough visitors, you can earn a lot of money. See if there is a website or blog, and there are enough resources for it to earn, there are lots of ways to earn. However, my first choice as income means Google Adsense. I have already said Google Adsense. This is an add-growing company. You can monitor the content of your blog or website with AdSense. Google will share with you one percent of the money earned from the add-on. But you will need some of the great content of The more people will like your content and the view will earn money online you more than the add-ons.

In addition to Google Adsense there are many more ad publishing companies. Those who have a very good rate. You can earn good even if you want to add other ad publishing companies. You can earn money even after promoting any product on your website. Besides, Affiliate Marketing is another popular way to earn money from websites or blogs. Below are detailed discussions about affiliate marketing.

So make your own website or blog without delay. Then share your post or content with the world. Nowadays, only one thousand rupees can be made website. Too much can cost 2-3 thousand rupees. If you can make yourself, you can make it or take it from someone. You can use Google’s Blogger service if you want. It’s totally free. Create blogs with bloggers and stay blogging, create great content. Then there you can link Google Adsense and earn money online.


Online earnings from affiliate marketing

Online shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdill have all the affiliate marketing facilities. Affiliate marketing is a system where you can invite your friends or family or your site’s visitors to buy a product. If they purchase invitations and purchase your referral product then you can earn some part from there.

So this is undoubtedly a good way to earn online. You can become an affiliate member of Amazon. Then you can choose the product as you wish, from there you will be given a link. You can share that link on your YouTube channel or website or blog or Facebook. If a buyer purchases that product by clicking that link, then you will get its commission from there.

With Affiliate Marketing you can refer to almost everything from books, mobile phones, electronic content. If you have a good platform for publicity, whether it’s your YouTube channel or your website or your Facebook page. If you share your affiliate link through the platform and sell the product, you will earn a great deal and earn money online.

Make money online from mJOBrr.Com or other freelancing marketplace

Fiverr is a site where you can provide any services if it is possible to reach the service through online. For example website design, graphics design, logo design, wordpress development or video editing etc. If you are capable of doing any such work, you can make an account at mJOBrr.Com. There you will be able to sell your work. Most of the advantages of this is that every work price here is Rs.499. You can also create different packages according to your work rules. And you can set different prices for them. When the customer arrives and will request you for his work. You will understand her work within 2-3 days. From there, mJOBrr will cut a few bucks and give you almost the entire amount.

There are also many reliable freelancing marketplaces online. For example, freelancer, apocalypse etc. You can create a profile by opening an account in those freelancing marketplaces. Then you have to apply to the job of your favorite jobs or work you can get from thousands of jobs in the marketplace. If the job provider verifies you your profile then you can give that job. In the freelancing marketplace you can do the job of bell contract and fixed price. And from there, it is possible to earn money online.

earn money online

Earn income online link short

I have just said five reliable ways in this post to earn money online . But there are still many ways through which you can earn a satisfactory income. Anyway now talk about linking the income online. Friends, you may notice that users are posted in different locations by posting the link. By removing the link you can shorten the larger website link. So many websites offer this service to fix this link. One of them is and But you can not earn using these. There are more websites on the Internet, such as or etc. They will pay you to sort the link.

When you share your big links with them in different places, if anybody enters that link, then they can see an add-on page before going to the desired link. And skip the add-ons and go to the desired link. And or will pay for it.

If you post something on Facebook or post something on your website, you can share it by sorting the link there. The more visitors you enter, the more you can earn. Besides, there are many small tasks online that can earn you money. Hopefully, I will hopefully get a detailed post about this.

Last word

I discussed the five reliable ways to earn online today, hoping that everyone will benefit. You can earn a lot by doing these things according to your work and hard work. Whether it is real life or online, money is not easy anywhere. There are also many ways to earn from online, but some of them are not reliable and some can never be said. So hopefully if Anilin wishes to do this, then take any above mentioned reliable. How do you know today’s post? Do not forget to share the post as well. I post on different topics every day so this site will do regular visits.


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The magic of growing your website traffic

You know very well that optimising your website for SEO will bring you tons of traffic.

But if that was easy then everybody would have ranked on the top position.

People are still doing the stuff that everyone else is doing.

They are commenting on articles, putting links in their Quora answers, submitting links in directories and mindlessly sharing their posts in Facebook groups.

Anybody can do that, it’s very easy. Isn’t it?

That is the reason they get a few hundred traffic from SEO.

The right thing to do (and difficult as well) is to get link backs from authority blogs, media websites and influencers in your industry.

I will tell you the secrets of building linkbacks tomorrow.

Today, I will share where you should focus more to grow the traffic of your website:

  1. Target the keywords which have high volume even if they have  high competition (wait for my email where I will share how to beat the competition in your market)
  2. Focus on high quality content. Google prefers quality over quantity.
  3. Don’t write multiple articles focused on same keyword
  4. Prefer to rank for long tail keywords first (short tail keywords will come as bonus in the future)
  5. Powerful link backs will make your website grow faster than your competitors

A few things that you should not do:

  • Don’t use low quality links from private blog networks. Don’t buy bulk links, that will put your website in risk of Google penalty.
  • Don’t publish low quality content just for the sake of publishing.

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Virtual Assistant Jobs: You may have Virtual Personal Assistant

Virtual Assistant Jobs: You may have Virtual Personal Assistant

You may have seen the private assistants of many older people, who take care of their every work. Their day’s routine plans, whom do they want to meet? Where and when to meet? Which tasks are to be settled in the day. These personal assistants remind older people about the time of the meeting. People call people on their sayings. Book tickets for flight. This way they make life easier for those big people. You will also feel jealous of this. You will think that I wish! You also have virtual assistant jobs.

Do not think so Now you can also keep a personal assistant, but that person will not be. He will be your virtual personal assistant who will be able to work by giving you voice.

This personal assistant is available on your phone. Exists on your laptop. Need, just know how to get him to work There is a new revolution every day in the world of technology. From today’s Apple serial to Microsoft’s courtesy and from Amazon’s Alexa to Google’s name, all the digital virtual personal assistants have come. Apple’s serial number is the first in this case. After this Microsoft has launched Virtual Personal Assistant in the name of Courtani. After this, there is a competition to create a Virtual Personal Assistant.

All claim that they will make your work and your life easier. But today people are hesitant to work with these personal assistants of the virtual world.

This is not easy work. Let’s try to figure out how with their help you can make your fledgling life a little easier. Initially, it sounds strange to say something to give voice to your phone. Then the issue of accent is standing. You say something, your virtual assistant understands something else. Many times it gets annoying, anger also comes and laughs too many times. Some virtual personal assistants are really big.

Apple’s serial has been in the market for the past five years. Leander Lea, editor of Cult of Mac, says that you can not take advantage of it unless you forcefully force yourself to work with a virtual assistant. The biggest issue is to understand the dialect. Many people have different tuition while giving voice commands only in English for virtual assistant jobs. Although there are some tasks in which these Virtual Pays can be very helpful, like calling someone, you can call the virtual assistant of your phone and say that phone this guy.


virtual assistant jobs

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8 Ways to Reduce Website Bounce Rates

8 ways to reduce website bounce rates

Visitors coming to your webpage, if they stop without reading it, then it is called a bounce in technical language. In the previous article you had to know what the bounce rate is. The bounce rate is the percentage of total web-page closure and the total number of total visitors for the month. If your website has a bounce rate below 30% then your hard work is successful. If it is more than 60% then it will work harder and harder.

Calculation of Bounce Rate

Bounce rate = (Number of visitors who closed the webpage immediately / the number of visitors who came to your webpage in one month) * 100

Reducing Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate Reduction Tips

website bounce rates

1. The perfect web design

Use Visitor’s Choice Graphics while designing the web. Avoid using flamboyant and dull colors. The easier the website will be, the easier it will be to access.

2. Content of the Meaning of Visitors

Publish the content of your visitors’ visitors on the website. Try to write good and good. Tell things in clear and simple words.

3. Using Multimedia

Visitors can be prevented by using multimedia on the website. It is easier to see and hear than reading. So do not forget to use good pictures, audio and video.

4. Keep page load time down

It is very important to optimize page load time. Using multimedia increases page load time. If the page took more time to open, then visitors would go to another website.

5. Use of Keywords

You can use Keyword Research Tools to search keywords related to your topic. Keywords attract readers, but do not bring readers to the webpage by putting misleading keywords. If they do not get any work information, they will immediately stop the page. Thereby increasing the bounce rate.

6. Mobile Friendly Site

You should make your site mobile friendly. So that mobile visitors can also read your backpages on the Internet too.

7. Longer Articles

At least 300 words should be given information on every web page. This will take time to read the reader and reduce the bounce rate.

8. Keep the category low

With more category, the content decreases in every category. That is, the visitors think that the content on the site is low. This is the main reason for the visitors to close their pages. When the categories are reduced, visitors become a mindset to stay in the category of their choice.

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What is “Truth”?

The first thing to know about truth is that it’s ageless and constant, it does not vary or shift, it is a piece of unalterable reality. But at the same time, Truth is what we believe in. Our view of truth is very closely tied to our perspective on what is true and for that reason, truth differentiates among individuals through their contrasting opinions. Truth, when said at the right time, in the right way, everyone considers it to be good and correct, however, a truth that’s spoken with bad intent is considered to be worse than a lie. I believe truth to be an expression, symbol, or statement that corresponds to reality and happiness. People often confuse truth and fact. Truth is often hidden behind the facts. The court often punishes a criminal on the basis of the facts, without bothering to unearth the truth behind the facts, the truth of the circumstances and discriminatory social and economic order which compelled the person to commit the crime. I consider truth to be a paradox.

I am an idealistic individual and for me, the truth is as precise as mathematics answer to a question. There is one truth in today’s world gets diluted and undiluted to prevent it from coming out, I believe that honesty is a top-ranked ideal and achieving it gets more and more difficult each year due to the increasing complexity of life. It is certainly undeniably very hard to maintain in the thousands of words that come out of our mouths each day but it is something that can be achieved.

The truth doesn’t exist, there are only different points of view. We cannot define truth as any one thing because we cannot know whether it is actually valid or not. If we say that facts are the truth, then we’ll hear contradicting facts tomorrow, then what remains of the truth? It all comes down to what we define as “truth”, the definition of truth per say has faded into a gray area, it has become distorted over the years. There is a personal truth and a (supposed) collective truth but those are always changing. Now with the introduction of alternative facts and fake news, the idea of truth becomes even more complicated, it becomes even more abstract. A lie can essentially just be called “an alternative fact” and the truth would just remain as “fake news”. Personally, I believe it is simpler to be untrue than to get into the complexities of truth itself. Maybe it has actually become easier, and better to lie perhaps.

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Impacts of Information Technology in Business Management

Impacts of Information Technology in Business Management

Is the magical effect of digital technology on management diminishing?

According to the Cegos 2017 barometer, digital tools facilitate access to information and professional efficiency. But they continue to weigh heavily on workload and time management. The study mainly shows a gap in perception between employees, managers and HR managers.

Cegos regularly produces a very detailed barometer on the social climate and quality of life at work. For several years now, the observatory of the business world and its evolutions has been questioning employees and their managers about the impact of digital technology on working life. The results of the 2017 edition are interesting and show that digital technology is becoming commonplace.

Content HRDs, employees less satisfied

They all praise easier access to information, greater professional efficiency and improved collaboration between departments. However, the detailed study shows that perceptions change according to the position in the company. If 72% of managers find that access to information is facilitated, the proportion rises to 64% for employees and falls to 61% for HRDs. Note that these results are down compared to the 2015 barometer, where 85% of managers and 80% of HRD/HRDs gave the same answer. Is it the galloping infobesity that causes too much info to kill the information (and especially makes it more and more difficult to find the relevant information?

Similarly, on the issue of professional efficiency, 57% of managers cite this positive point, down 15 points from 2015. The most interesting case remains the facilitation of collaborative work. While 59% of HR cite this point (up 9 points), only 57% of managers and 51% of employees (down 5 points) say the same.

Commonplace digital tools

However, the study of the results on negative points relativizes the hasty conclusion that one could draw from the previous results, namely that the digital would be perceived less and less positively. It is rather a trivialization of digital tools IoT that is underway, the scores obtained by negative effects are also decreasing.

Thus, the third category is made up of workload (25% of employees, 32% of managers and 30% of HRDs/HRRs), working time management (17%, 17% and 24% respectively) and work-life balance (16%, 32% and 25%). The decrease is 20 points for managers on workload and 29 points for the pro-personal team compared to 2015. Does this have to be seen as an effect of the debate and the law on the right to disconnect, which has led many companies to take up this subject? Unless both of them have already domesticated these tools, which are not so new anymore…

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how to make money online? 6 simple tips for earning money for students.

how to make money online? 6 simple tips for earning money for students.

Like many other ten or college-educated students, you are spending your key time on Facebook, Twitter and various social networking sites. Occasionally, I feel sorry for myself as to why I spent time in these sites for the past two years. I spent almost two years playing Facebook, Twitter and various online games myself. Now, I wonder why I did not spend all those social networking sites on blogging at this time.

I have a lot of friends who are liking the same way, chatting on different social contact sites every hour and a half hour. If you calculate how much time you spend on the internet every day, then most people will say it is 2-3 hours. So what do you think is how many numbers go on in a year. Chat at various social networking sites on the internet by spending at least 1000-1200 hours a year. But once you ask yourself, have you spent your precious time spending? Amit can argue that from the beginning to the end only zero and zero.

If you spend a little time on your valuables while earning some money and you can meet your needs, then what is worse than lending to others? The internet world is not limited to Facebook, social media and gaming. Because of your little desire energy you can make some money off the internet. For this reason, I will share with you how students, housewives and teenage age-generation modern generation can meet their personal needs by earning a small amount of money from the internet.

Why students need money:

Some levels of school or college students need extra pocket money. With this little money, he can take away his daily necessities and needs. Besides, students of Generation Generation require smartphones, Gaming consoles, Cool cloths etc. They make their way forward and smart and easy. These small things can not be taken away from your family. For this, if you spend a little time and earn enough money to meet your own needs, then you would feel as self-dependent as you would have felt. Besides, there are many housewives who do not have any work except sitting at home. They spend most of their time chatting with friends on Facebook. If you do not spend your time freaking unnecessarily or can earn a little bit of your needs, then what is the fault? Below I will show some techniques that can be easy to earn from online, from which you can earn some money if you like.


01. Earn money from YouTube:

YouTube is the easiest way to earn money online. People of any age, how to make money online from here. YouTube is one of the top 10 websites on the Internet. If you wish, you can spend less time here than earn a good quality money with a little knowledge. What you need to do this is to first- upload the best quality video to YouTube first. You can use your mobile phone for this If you are a favorite person, you can do a lot of beautiful scenic scenes on your camera. Or you can do the tutorial by creating a tutorial about the subject that you know best. But remember it can not be done by copying any fake videos. This can be the opposite of interest.

Earn Money from Youtube

02. Blogging or writing articles on the blog:

How to make money online from here, You can create a blog at Google Blogger or WordPress at a free price. Blogging will not stop now You write about what you have full knowledge about. In this case, you may have to suffer a lot for the first 2-3 months. So you do not stop feeling hopeless. You write daily articles daily If your issue is unique and knowledgeable then the visitor will definitely come to your blog. You do not have to wait longer to get success in this case. You will be able to make money on your own.

Earn Money from Blog

03. Freelancing – Being a writer:

Freelancing is a site (, how to make money online, where you can earn money by sharing your writing or articles. If you are a good writer or have a good knowledge of anything, then if you can write good article about it, then it is possible for you. If your writing value is good, then the value of your writing in Freelancing means that the amount of earning money will be increasing day by day. There are also people who earn lakhs of money from here. It can reflect on the person’s merit here.

how to make money online

04. Earn money from Adsense:

Adsense is the world’s largest advertising (Advertisement) program, how to make money online from here. The Google authority is operating by Google itself. If you can take your blog to a good quality platform and your blog has a lot of visitors, you can earn thousands of money from Adsense. This method allows you to earn dollars per click using adsense ads on your blog. Many say that making Adsense Approv is a lot of hard work. But I’m not saying it’s hard work. If you can write up to 25-30 unique content, then there will definitely be Adsense Approv. From here you can earn money for a long time.

Earn Money from Adsense

05. Questions (Ask And You Answer):

If you are proficient in a variety of subjects, say – Math, English, Physics, Biology, Humanities etc. Then you can solve various problems on the internet by answering the questions. If you can answer the answers correctly, then there are many sites on the Internet that will contact you to join their site. As a result, you can earn good quality money from the company by joining their site. In this case you will be quite clever and intelligent. How to make money online here,  you can understand that using your cleverness and talent will earn money from here.

06. By selling your products at EBAY and AMAZON:

You may know that the popular Web site for Ebay and Amazon Here people are advertising for selling their different types of products. If your product sounds good to the buyer, then the customer will contact you to buy the product. How to make money online, If you can sell your products and become a good seller, then you can benefit from selling it here by selling different things at a good price. But to get this facility you must first prove as a good seller.


Conclusion: If you read the post maybe thinking about earning money from the internet is being repeatedly asked, but how is it not shown how? This post is not intended to describe how to actually earn. Through this post I gave you just some easy ways to earn income. This allows you to earn some money online through this way. And if you wish, you can learn more about it from the internet.

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Country Specific Website Traffic Targeting Information

Country Specific Website Traffic Targeting Information

So far you have learned about the many ways to get traffic to the website. We know that people from the US and European countries do more buy online. Therefore, advertising and affiliate marketing can earn a lot of money.

There are many things that you can use to bring traffic from a particular country. Using tools like Alexa, you can find out how popular your site is all over the world. With this, you can also see the extent of the popularity in which countries it is getting.

Indian traffic for a Hindi blog is more important than the traffic of another blog. By using many experiments I have learned that the quality of Indian traffic is low and there is a better chance of earning.

These experiments are effective for my blog and the results come as expected. Many people want to target some particular country by making blogging and earning money. This post is about this which will help you to get traffic from the Torget Country (English: Country specific traffic).

You may be thinking about working on buying country-specific traffic for this job. But it works well in the case of e-commerce website, but it is good to stay natural for blogs.

Targeting Country Specific Traffic in India

1. Domain names

.com, .org and. Top-level domains like net gain higher rank in the global search engine but it is a good idea to buy a country-specific regional domain dominating domain for your blog.

You have often seen that the people of US .us, people of Australia .au and the UK can buy a better search rank in their countries by buying domain TLD. In the same way, you can also buy domain TLD for your blog, .in,,, etc.

You can buy other TLDs to keep your personal brand safe. But it would be difficult to rank in other country-specific search engines. So by determining your goal, buy Country Specific Domains according to your target audience.

You can see the list of the TLD present on the website of India.

Website Traffic

2. Geotagging from Google Search Console

If you have bought a Country Specific Domain and added it to the Search Console, you will not get the option of doing Geotagging (English: Geo-Targeting). For this you can get complete information on the official help page.

Google Search Console (English: Google search console) is a free tool for bloggers and webmasters. If you want to get country-specific traffic, then there is no other tool like this. It has the option of geotagging which helps you get country-specific Website Traffic.

For this you need to login to the search console and verify your site. After that you will see Country’s option in the Country tab inside Search Traffic> International Targeting on the dashboard. You can tick the box and set the target users by dropping down.

3. Location of WebHosting Server

Server location is also important for obtaining country-specific traffic by targeting internationally. If you want to make your site populist in India, then host on the Indian server. Keep this in mind when buying a server.

Indian server: Hostgier India, Bluhost India, Bigork India

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) also provides fast content delivery facility to different countries. If the server is in the same country from which you are setting up your traffic, then the server IP (English: Server IP) will ensure that your website loads fast in that country. Search engine bots will also know the location of your server. All these things will help increase your search engine rank in that country.

4. Geotagging from Backlink

Google search used backlinks to know the popularity of content in the beginning. Time changed but backlinks are still important today. Backlinks are more beneficial than the websites of the country in which the site is targeting.

You can get safe backlinks by giving some time in guest postings, comments, community forums etc.

5. Content Level Targeting

The content of your website is most important in the eyes of Google search bots. By crawling it detects which country you are targeting for international. If you are using Generic Domain Names and Extensions (such as .com, .net, .org), then the information in the Meta title and description will need to be edited. From this, the search bots get a clear signal from which country you are targeting the audience.

Apart from this, search rank is determined according to the information given in your content language and article. Reedability (English: Readability) is an SEO factor, if the language of your website has been fixed according to Indian standards, then the possibility of getting Website Traffic from the US will be less. So use the language to get traffic from the togate country. For this, you can hire local writers of that country so that grammar and popular sentences can be used there.

6. Local SEO

You will not be able to apply it for generic blogs. But if you are running a service website or ecommerce website, then Google My Business will be very beneficial for you. Make Google My Business page and get your PIN validation done. After that, your business website will be added to the Local Search. From where you will get good traffic and business.

To make the most of this local sitemap, you can also create pages on other popular social media platforms such as Facebook. The information on which to publish on your website is inserted. This will make your followers easily find new updates and get country-specific Website Traffic on your website.

7. Local Search Engine and Directory

Submit the country in which you are creating the website, in local search engines and directories. This will help you to make local backlinks. This is an important signal of geotagging.

8. Keyword Popularity

The content of the website tells a lot about it, so use those keywords that are more searched in that country. You can use Google Trends for this.
Keyword progress

You have used the keyword in the content but how will you know which keyword in that country is going forward and how far behind it? To get Website Traffic, it is very important to stay on the first page in Google search. For this you use SEMRUSH.


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Job Websites: Govt. will make the recruitment process online

Job Websites: The central government will make the recruitment process of jobs fully online

In recent times, the central government has taken many decisions related to employment Job Websites, especially government jobs. According to an earlier order, a special recruitment drive was launched for all the departments and undertakings of the Central Government for the handicapped, after which the Government decided that there is no interview for recruitment of all the posts other than official level jobs. Will be taken, only recruitment will result from examination results. After this the news came that the government will now share the scores of government exams of the desired candidates with private sector employers. And then the new news came that now women will be given permanent commission in the navy and women will also be deployed on Naval fighter ships.

The most pleasant news was that during the coming two years, the Central Government would create around two lakh new government posts Job Websites.

Now the Center is considering a recruitment process for the central government to make it online completely. This plan is based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious digital India program. Earlier, we had told that online forms have started filling up online forms, and there is a lot to be done, only then candidates will have real benefit.

According to this scheme, the government vacancies will be kept on the same portal and from there online applications will be invited. After the execution of this, applicants of government servants will not be obliged to pay bribe to revolve around government offices and get early verification, and will not have to go unnecessarily unnecessarily. Candidates will not need any government officials from applying for jobs to joying.

Candidates will not need to make direct signature on the application form. They will be able to sign themselves with the help of e-sign. At the same time, with the help of the government payment portal, we can also pay the examination fee online Job Websites. Yes, the candidates will have to compulsorily get the Aadhaar number and card, with the help of the same, the government will be able to identify the candidates and many types of identification can be overcome.

In fact, last year, the Indian government had formed several groups of secretaries of various ministries to implement new suggestions on various subjects and to apply them effectively, one of them was related to employment. The same group has recommended recruitment process online, which the government is considering.

Apart from this, the candidates will not be required to give certificates of origin or photocopies. They will be able to upload their certificates in digital lockers from where the government will get these documents online if needed. This will automate the whole process.

At the end, police verification is done, for which most of the candidates have to make ransom to the police personnel. To avoid this, the candidates will have to give an autographed affidavit. The candidates will have to tell that they have no criminal record. This will give them instantaneous joining and it will be done only when the police verification is done.


Job Websites

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Art and Science go hand in hand

If we analyzed every part of this world and turned it inside out, have you ever wondered what all we would find? I believe that all of us have settled with the fact that there is nothing more real than what we face today, we wish it may not be but it surely is. But from all the myths and facts what do we shape reality as? Many believe that big bang was not true and that the world is flat and not everything is measurable and neither have we been there to see any of this so what do we believe and what not? This has been the question surrounding my thoughts for many years now, to me reality is what I believe but it may not be the universal fact.

When something has already been made centuries before we were able to know about it we may make it fit our needs but that would just be adding to it, but as a community we have rarely tried to break the base of something and restart, we believe that if something works then it is true… But if psychology says that “You should rarely take someone’s word for something you don’t know” then how can we settle for some observation that was put into words?


This is exactly what makes reality inverse to me, analysis is reality in this world and as long as we do not analyze something ourselves how will it be reality to us? To me reality is my analyzed perception, the principles I have seen and studied to the depth of… Science may shape our perception of reality but isn’t it up to us to believe what we know? To me reality are these words of Albert Einstein, “Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one”.

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