Naukri: Five best Skill for freelancing Naukri and start earning

Naukri: Five best Skill for freelancing Naukri and start earning

In the coming days, large sources of income and employment will be outsourcing or freelancing. Currently, half of the world’s information technology engineers are working in thousands of online worlds. Besides, about two lakh youths in the country are involved in freelancing. These numbers are increasingly increasing. Inspired by their success many of them fall down to freelancing. However, before proceeding to work, it is possible to know which work is more popular or possible for Bangladeshi marketers, it should be well known.

Web Development:

In this period of technology advancement, in addition to the small and big business organizations in the world, almost everyone is slowly leaning towards the Internet in personal and social fields. Everyone wants to have a virtual address. Because, through a website, an organization can establish direct communication with its customers on the one hand, on the other hand, it can easily communicate with their own branches located in different cities or countries and at low cost. The total number of websites currently in the web world is about 65 crore Thousands of websites are being created every day. Designed to create this huge number of websites as well as web development, Good webpage developers need to develop new websites or to develop new websites. That’s why the demand for web development on the local market, including the online marketplace, is increasing.

Obviously, the most demanding and reliable work in popular online marketplaces, including,  ODesk, Freelancer, Ilanas, web development. ODesk almost always has more than 10 thousand Naukri in the web development category. Approximately 35 percent of the Elance’s work is web development. Hundreds of Naukri are constantly being added. There are many who are working on web development at ODesk for more than 150 dollars per hour. However, the amount of income depends on how much you can make yourself as a web developer. To be a professional web developer, you must know well about HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, MySQL and related topics. Anyone can enter the market of hundreds of millions of web development markets, learning these things well.

Web & Graphics Design:

Draw more attention to draw! Want to do something creative? If you have time, you can start working with computer paint tools, photoshop, Illustrator trees, birds, flowers, fruits, home scenes, anyone’s name or picture. Looking for work in part time or work? Do you want to earn more income in the online marketplace? If you think of the graphics design The graphics design profession is more secure and hassle than other Naukri. The reason for saying safe and uncomfortable is that there is no lack of graphics designers in contrast to other profession. This is a respectable profession. A graphics designer has been able to meet the needs of the customer through using a variety of colors, typefaces, images and animations. The output can be either digital or print. If you can create yourself well then there is no lack of a graphics designer. There is a demand for work in various sectors including interactive media, promotional display, journal, corporate report, marketing brochure, newspaper, magazines, logo design, website design. Why do not I say the local market or the online Naukri marketplace, increasing the amount of graphic design work every time.

According to designer Salaridge, an international organization working with designers, a designer can earn $ 100,000 per year for graphics design or related job or work. As a result, Bangladeshi can earn around Tk 80 lakh. Depending on the graphic design of Bangladesh, deputies in Bangladesh pay 20 to 50 thousand rupees. Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts can be between one and one and a half million taka. Besides, the design of a logo on the online marketplace is available from five dollars to two thousand dollars. However, if it is more creative in skill, then it can be up to five thousand dollars. In addition to designing a fast page for a website, you can get up to $ 50 to $ 3,000. 99 There are many online marketplaces, such as, Freelancer, Odesk, where these works are available. So web and graphics design can be the most useful profession of a freelancer Naukri.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing:

Although marketplace is not working, one of the main ways to build a career in online Naukri is in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing. Many youngsters from Bangladesh now ensure their smart career through BusanGing and Affiliate. The number of successful buyers and affiliate marketers earning between $ 2 and 10 thousand dollars per month from this sector is also many. Blogging and affiliate marketing are almost the same thing. Both are possible through a website. Not only money, but also huge honor through Bonnigings. It is also considered as the journalists of the global world as well. As a smart carrier, Hotgiving is now hot cakes among web entrepreneurs.

There are many ways to earn money through Busenging. In this Google AdSense is the most popular way in our country. In the search engine giant’s advertising platform, there are also a number of bustlers earning over $ 10,000 per month. Google Adsense and direct advertising space can be sold in a variety of ways, including a settlement. There is a chance to earn a referee by recommending a specific product through its own boss, which is called Affiliate Marketing. This affiliate marketing is also a useful tool for the good income from internet. Through this you can earn more than any other way of earning, such as AdSense.

But you have to be tactful to move forward in this huge field. You should know all the ways tested. From the creation of the website, the Amazon Affiliate Program, product research (selection of demanding beneficial products), keyword research (targeting targeted keyword search products from search engines), product reviews (encouraging customers to buy products by writing products and writing). Various pois including bringing traffic traffic to the site through online marketing This is to know. In this case, writing in English or interested in writings can come forward and enter the prestigious profession.

Search Engine Optimization:

In the era of internet business, without any website, it can not be imagined. Again, there are websites but it does not last now. It also requires extensive marketing to reach everywhere. Search engine optimization is one of the most important ways to spread the website everywhere. The techniques that Google brings to the website in the first place are called search engine optimization. Every day as many websites are growing, search engine optimization work is also increasing. Freelancing marketplaces are also increasing day by day job search engine optimization. And this may be one of the young people who want to be freelancer as this field. According to the freelance marketplace, a skilled search engine optimizer can earn up to 50,000 to 2 million taka per month. Need is the right direction, effort, patience and time. Now, along with boys, girls are doing very well in this profession. According to the popular search engine optimization, according to the data collected by the blog, 23 out of every 100 freelance search engine optimizer is women. Now we have 12 percent of the market capitalization of ODesk. In the meantime, search engine optimization (SEO) work is done most. Not only ODesk, other marketplaces are also increasing the footprint of Bangladeshis for search engine optimization. Debtstim Limited is the first software development and internet marketing service provider in Bangladesh, losing freelancers from countries like Pakistan, Australia in the content writing and search engine optimization (SEO) 2019 for Ways to Increase Website Traffic organized by last year . And for this reason Bangladesh is now a very familiar name in the search engine optimization world.

If you know English fairly, you can start learning search engine optimization. SEO has some things that are not very difficult. This type of work can be done with two-thirds of the training. Where to get training. From the Internet you can learn the details of search engine optimization. Take the training if necessary. You can start a career in this work of demand.

What the concerned said

Many people do not understand, without understanding and fall in freelancing. As a result, you can not move forward and move forward. So, knowing the work that you like or likes to work well, you should come to the marketplace after knowing well. The online marketplace has more than 500 types of work, from which you have to choose what you want to do. After knowing how to work in the marketplace with training from online resource or better training institute, you will have to go to work. Saying this, Saidur Mamun Khan, Country Manager, Popular Online Marketplace Illance

Mahmud Hasan Sunny, country ambassador to the other top freelancing Naukri marketplace mJOBrr, said, “You can see what is going to be good without considering the good income.” Before starting any work, you can get an idea about it from online resources. Then you have to learn what you think will be possible. If you need any guideline, you can get Facebook page, group and forum for online marketplace including facebook odds. Remember, nobody online will give you money online. If you get some good output from you, they will be able to work and pay. So let’s get to know the job well. If you work well, then there is no lack of work.

Al-Amin Kabir, chief executive officer of Freestyle’s outsourcing training institute Devstimme, the chief organization of the institute, said many people did not understand the training to come to learn freelancing. We always tell them that the basics of the things you want to work with know from online resources. If you can do well in this regard, you can understand. Otherwise, the training should be lost during the training. There are many resources online, from there you can learn any work. If you need a guideline for free, you can come to the Devastium Institute. However, if you want to learn to work in a short time, then the guides should be guided or trained. Before taking the training, know about the organization well and do not be deceived.

Content Writing:

The easiest and most likely way to earn online is writing, which is called Article Writing or Content Writing or Content Developing. Those who are good in English can write as a career. Content writers write content for different purposes. In addition to web content, content for different business organizations is developed for resources books, brochures, leaflets or other promotional purposes. A Content Developer has many working areas. The fields are copyrighted, blog writing, web content, press release writing, translation, transcription, samarization, resume writing, power point presentation etc. The writing depends on the author’s expertise, taste, co-operation, the subject or topic being written for his needs. However, regardless of the content, a web content writer has to create a database by doing research on a particular topic. A content writer in the developed world is also called journalist or researcher. According to the content, the line of action is to be decided. The writing must be lively and important. Remember to write as a Writer who will read your articles on the website, they spend minutes per minute and spend a fixed amount of money. So they will want to read the necessary things in the shortest time. So you have to write informational, short subject based writing. Writing content will not be able to copy the text of others in some way. As it increases your acceptance as a writer, the way to earning will also be broadened. To be a content writer you must be good at English. Required pure spelling American spelling must be learned correctly. There should be a good idea about grammar. In this case, there is a good idea about British and American grammar. And be careful about issues that are necessary for freelancing, such as communicating with the client, writing cover letter, updating.

There are many freelance writers in Bangladesh who earn up to $ 10 to 30 dollars per hour. Apart from this, you can also earn between Tk 30,000 and Rs 1 lakh in local-foreign internet marketing or content marketing institute. You can also create freelancing Naukri carrier as Content Writer.



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