Find quality sound effects – YouTube

Find quality sound effects – YouTube

It’s your turn

Watch a scene from your favorite movie, show or video without sound, then with sound. What differences did you notice? Did the sounds cause different emotions? Share your experience with the community.

Watch a video you’ve created and imagine what sound effects you could add. Add a few to the video and put it online again. Does your audience welcome it differently? Share both versions of your video with community members and ask if they think you’ve made the right choice for sound effects.

Look for sound effects that you like on the Internet and test them in a video. Then post an excerpt from the video and ask community members if the sounds have the desired effect.

Record your own sound effects by doing some sort of compilation of all the sounds that might be useful for your next videos. Ask your viewers to send you sound clips that they like and embed them in your videos.

Ask your audience to give you ideas for creating props or costumes, and use these suggestions in your next episode. This will allow you to build closer links with your audience.

Record a short video with your mobile phone. Why is it easier to shoot with this camera than with a conventional camera? What about quality?

Creative detour an object that will allow you to film the action. For example, use a trailer, supermarket cart or skateboard, and shoot someone on the move. What technique did you use? How did it help you find a creative solution for filming the action?

Use a lamp or lighting kit to shoot one of the scenes in your video, then try using natural light. Note the differences.

Test different filters and / or gelatins to create a special lighting mood. Upload an excerpt from your video and share it with community members. Then ask them for their opinion on your lighting choices. Did they have the desired effect?

Share a tip or creative idea to create cold lighting.




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