Telecommuting Jobs : 3 Million Jobs in Telecom Sector by 2018

Telecommuting Jobs :

There is a good news for people sitting in government job. According to a latest report, there will be 30 lakh jobs in the Telecommuting Jobs sector by 2018. According to a report prepared jointly by Assocham and KPMG, the introduction of 4G technology and the rise in data usage, the arrival of new companies in the market, the trend of digital wallet and the increasing popularity of smartphones across the country, these new jobs are available Will open
According to the report, the current number of people working in the telecom sector and the technical skills they have available to meet the demands of the jobs are not adequate.

More than 8 lakh jobs by 2021

According to the report, about 8 lakh 70 thousand people are expected to get jobs by 2021 due to the rapid growth in the emerging technology and information technology of 5G and M2S. It has been said in the report that there is a lack of efficiency in the people working in this area, which needs to be removed.

Need to identify skilled labor

To overcome the lack of efficiency, there will be a need to identify skilled labor force in various roles such as an Infra and cyber security expert, application developers, sales executives, infrastructure technicians, handset technicians. Also, the efficiency of professionals working on existing techniques will also be increased.

Fast growing customers

In the last few years, the Telecommuting Jobs sector has expanded by 19.6 per cent annually on customer membership basis. In the meantime, income has grown at a pace of 7.07 percent annually.

Invested in the network

According to the report, Telecommuting Jobs service providers have constantly invested in their network and modernized their network infrastructure. Capital expenditure of these companies was Rs 850 billion in the first quarter of 2017.


Telecommuting Jobs

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