SEO India: 5 SEO tips for small businesses can start right through

SEO India: 5 SEO tips for small businesses can start right through

Search engine optimization is uninteresting for small businesses. Why should self-employed persons or small businesses spend money on this if they are only seldom looking for their products or services on Google? It is more sensible to make SEO a bow and rather to put on other marketing measures.

Nevertheless, it can not leave some responsible simply and do not want to try SEO. For the unteachable people who are part of this group, we have put together the following SEO tips. These are five strategy approaches, which could be a good thing.


Use keyword management as a global player

No. 1, the SEO tips

Small companies have the disadvantage that their entire products and services are often completely described with just a few keywords. However, these are bad prerequisites to achieve high visibility in the search. The more keywords are included in the optimization, the better. That is why it is recommended to think like a global player. In addition, Google is known to make large web projects, with its numerous pages cover a wide keyword range, better.

The goal should therefore be to determine as many keywords as possible. Whether or not there is a link with the core business is secondary. Instead, the law of the large number is to be taken advantage of: even if the created bottoms of the majority of the seekers do not help, there are always a few visitors, who are still addressed at this moment.

Warnings from SEO Experts that bounce this way around many visitors, so they could jump out again, are best ignored. The user behavior, which Google allegedly ausmisst, is overestimated anyway. Other factors determine the rankings, in particular the number of backlinks.

Intentions and interests of users

No. 2, the SEO tips

A now major topic within the SEO scene is content, the creation of which is taking into account the user’s intent. A number of consultants are currently pouncing on this topic and recommending their customers to create new content on this approach and replace old content.

But sometimes hand on the heart: why should Google honor it, if a website provides appropriate answers or solutions for the questions and problems of users? If the first page accessed completes this task, Google would have much fewer clicks on its search pages – even though the search engine with the advertised ads earned their money.

Anyone who has understood this approach remains more general in its content creation and is not too deeply involved in the subject matter. Superficial content, which offers no added value, is likely to become one of the biggest SEO trends in the coming years.

Dear cheap, but many links buy

No. 3, the SEO tips

Google’s rise to the most successful search engine is thanks to the concept of PageRank, ie the determination and evaluation of how well a website is linked to the web. If you want to rank well, should build links. However, there is a clear trend for vendors for link building. This points towards quality links: There are few but rather expensive links built up.

Their high prices justify the provider in different ways. Some have, for example, jumped to the concept of “Content Marketing”, that is, they develop elaborate story concepts to gain attention on the web. This attention is again used, for example, to animate bloggers, radio stations, etc. to set backlinks. The risk of such an approach is that it is never certain whether a story actually works. A particularly small range of possible topics is becoming more difficult. Worst of all, however, is the low link-yield, because even the best content marketing stories react only a few site operators.

It is therefore more sensible to rely on the old strategy “much helps a lot” and therefore buy numerous links at low prices. Thus, even with a small budget, it is possible to build a few hundred or even a thousand links within a few weeks. In such a development, the Google rankings must inevitably skyrocket.

Do not waste resources for mobile optimization

No. 4, the SEO tips

SEO for mobile search has developed into a major trend. But honestly, what is the potential customer actually accessing the tablet or even a smartphone, if he wants to get information about products or services? Internet usage on such devices is nothing more than a trend that will soon disappear again.

As a result, it does not seem particularly clever to make existing websites “mobile friendly”, to improve the user experience on mobile devices. Especially since the effort involved is not to be underestimated. There may be no choice but to pass from the existing CMS. Switching to another CMS would entail immense costs. The majority of consultants recommend such an approach only in order to make a strong contribution.

Especially the change to a CMS, such as WordPress, which is complemented by a responsive design theme, is extremely risky. The site operator binds himself to a niche solution that only a few developers can master. Should a redesign be desired one day, immense costs would again be pending. It is therefore more sensible to stick to the old static website. Most smartphones and tablets can display such sites well – and Google would not reward a mobile optimization anyway.

Avoid local SEO and instead think globally

No. 5, the SEO tips

Some SEO consultants actually suggest that small businesses focus on optimizing the local search market. The goal is to link our own products or services with the respective region. But strictly speaking, this is only a matter of attempts by the consultants to navigate elaborate and therefore stressful optimization projects in a clever way.

Handlers of small businesses have to learn that the Internet makes it possible to access huge markets and it is therefore sensible to think like a global player. Especially since there are only a few customers, who prefers shopping locally. The typical way of thinking of small companies targeting regional markets is therefore mandatory.

In view of these possibilities, it is advisable not to pay attention to the regional market – otherwise you would only run the risk of rushing with the key keywords in the local search, but in the over-regional search. Local SEO should therefore be steadily avoided in order to maximize the ranking potential as far as possible.


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