Shilpi has been an English trainer with predominant skills in Behavioral or Soft Skills Training and Voice
Modulation/Accent Neutralization training. Her excellent interpersonal and communication skills, along with
activity-based training and her extensive experience in Customer Service, Soft/Behavioral Skills, Voice Modulation
and Accent-Neutralization Trainings render her an extremely dynamic trainer who has trained people across the
globe with various prestigious clients.
An M.Com, Shilpi has experience in course customization, planning and preparation of various Modules, Session
and Lesson Plans for different Training Programs. Shilpi’s main focus as a trainer has been in the following
Interpersonal skills enhancement
Campus to Corporate
Team building & Group Dynamics
Assertiveness & Confidence building
Interviewing skills & Resume writing
Etiquette – personal, business, telephone
Corporate dressing & Personal grooming
Mentoring & Coaching skills centering on Leadership and Feedback methodology
Communication skills
Motivation Skills
To achieve a position utilizing organizational, interpersonal & communication skills to grow with the growth
of an organisation.
Currently working with Ufaber edutech pvt ltd as an English Faculty
Take classes for PTE and IELTS for Indian and international students
Teach Reading Comprehensions
Writing Letter(formal, semi formal and informal), reports and essays
Speaking ( conversations, open ended and closed ended questions and cue cards)
Worked with Bodhisutra Learning Center and Global Talent Track as a Freelance English, Soft Skill and Corporate
 Teach Grammar ( extensive usage when and how to use)
 Voice( both active and passive)
 Phonetics( both vowel and consonant sounds)
 Prepare candidates for Interview and Group Discussion.
 Correct pronunciation with the help of Syllable Stress
 Tell techniques to control pauses
 Teach students of Indian and other origins too
 Campus to Corporate training in MBA and engineering colleges ( PPT’s on various topics like- Customer
Centricity, Resume writing, team work, Critical and Analytical thinking, Email Etiquettes etc)
Worked with Achievers Point as a Verbal Faculty for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, Bank PO and Spoken English
 Taught Reading comprehension
 Listening tests
 Writing letters( both formal and informal) and Essays
 Speaking( taught tenses, sounds , cue card topics, imaginary situations)
Worked as a freelance soft skill trainer with IMS training centre-Took communication classes of MBA and B.TECH
Worked as a Process Developer with HCL BPO
 Handling customer query related to their British Telecom bills.
 Providing them proper resolution accordingly.
 Giving them waivers if relevant and required as per the
customer’s concern.
 Taking payment for their BT bills over the phone.
Worked as a Process Associate with TCS-E Serve ltd primarily known
As Citigroup Global Services (P) Ltd
 Handling the customer for their payments according to their billing cycles.
 Resolving their service issues and disputes.
 Going for the settlement after checking their payment track record.
 Making cardholders aware of their due dates and billing cycles to avoid the account to slip into
 Adhere to all standards on processes and procedures.
 Conduct regularly quality checks to ensure standards are compiled.