MATLAB Developer Bangalore, Seeking a challenging environment that encourages continuous learning, creativity & provides exposure to new ideas, stimulates personal, professional growth that provides me an opportunity to demonstrate my skills and to be part of a team that works dynamically towards accomplishing the objectives of organization.

Technical Skills
Academic Project

Project Title :
1)Raspberry pi based aids for dumd and deaf
2) Automatic Street light control using microcontroller
3) Health monitoring system using lab view
4) Hybrid ups
5) Earlier detection of vision loss by capturing fundus image -Matlab
6) Automated attandance system by live camera video processing using Matlab

Skill Sets
Programming Language
C-Programming,Microcontroller, Hdl

Operating System
Windows XP/7/8, Linux.

Labview, Matlab, Circuit maker, Keil Microvison, xilinx.


Santhosh Prasad

Nov 2018 Matlab