 Development of Time and Motion studies based and work sampling, setting of standard times and production norms for all manufacturing operations. Future capacity planning for introduction of new models, make or buy decisions and Line balancing.
 Internal Auditing
 Establish & Monitor the manpower MIS reports. Plan, Monitor & Control the Manpower Cost/ Manpower Budget.
 Design and introduction of cost effective material handling systems (low cost automation) on shop floor ensuring minimum WIP, bottlenecks and manufacturing cycle optimisation. Ergonomics planning.
 Development of Machine and Manpower utilisation studies for improved organisational profitability.
 Incentive scheme calculations, for achieving better productivity in all direct and indirect areas of manufacturing operations.
 Layout planning for machine shop and administrative areas, involving concepts of JIT, Cellular Manufacturing and Work Place re-design.
 Linkage of manpower analysis with the overall HR/ Organization strategy-in line with HR planning.
 Plan & suggest the process for manpower planning for new projects/upcoming projects, existing complete direct and indirect manpower.
 Monthly manpower projections and planning based on IE studies, Time and Motion Analysis
 Implementation of Japanese manufacturing methods for optimum utilisation of resources like SMED, 5S, JIT, Kaizen, Lean Manufacturing involving concepts of Toyota Production Systems, TPM, TQM etc.


  • capacity
  • Industrial Engineering
  • manpower
  • oee
  • plant layout
  • time study



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