I am a seasoned front end developer with around 5 years industry experience who loves to bring visual design to live. I enjoy
building beautiful and functional web applications.
My skill set includes HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript and Angular. I have gained expertise in responsive design. With every
line of code, I try to make application more lively and interactive.

Ignio by Digitate is a Tata Consultancy Services venture, an AI based enterprise solution. I have been working as
Sr UI developer responsible to translate the design templates into cross platform web application.
Key Responsibilities:
• Enabling webpack and its plugins for boosting performance
• Integrating REST APIs with components using angular and typescript
• Make shareable and reusable components
• Carving out widgets with maximum defaults and minimum inputs
• Providing mixins, utilities and properties with help of SASS
• Creating HTML for the given visual designs
• Actively discussing design ideas with UX team to enhance user experience
Business Impact:
• Applied concepts of RWD for the application
• Optimised the CSS resulting in 30% faster loading of application
• Applied optimisation techniques for HTML and Images which brought down the bundle size by 20%
• Created a customer experience and product briefing center with interactive graphics


  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • scss


tata consultancy services

10/07/2014 System Engineer