Job Profile                  : Non immigrant Visa Section: Worked in the visa section Customer Support Surat Gujarat India with a team of 5 consular clerks, and supervising them for visa processing, helping the consular officer in conducting the interviews.


Anti Fraud Unit: Handling all correspondence relating to fraud, investigation, assisting American officer in de briefing and taking testimony of suspect mala fide applications and serve as an interpreter.

Back up: Worked as a backup for the Anti Fraud Asst and for the Consular Secretary. Worked as a public relation officer for the visa section handling all sort of inquires on visas and other documentation for Indian govt. and for the Congress and Senate Office in the United States.


American Citizen Services Unit: Served as a consular assistant in the American Citizen Services Unit. Prepare passport, registration, consular report of birth and death cases for adjudication and produce the final document that are issued.