To learn, expand, branch out my skills. Be a leader and guide to fellow writers who are on the same path.


My work was discovered very early which led to a job offer from when I was 17. Since then, I’ve worked with the team at Know Your Mobile India, GQ India,  Gizmodo, Business Insider, TechRadar and a handful of other Indian and American tech sites. I am currently writing for Singapore based iPhoneHacks and Android Beat as a news/features writer.


I’ve been in the field for 9 years now and my skills have improved each day. The hunger to learn from my senior colleagues has gone a long way in honing my skills as a writer. I’ve been both the editor and author of multiple companies/sites I have worked with.

  • GQ India
  • Gizmodo India
  • TechRadar India
  • Business Insider India
  • PCMag India
  • Guiding Tech Mobile
  • The Droid Guy
  • Android Beat
  • iPhone Hacks


  • Writing descriptive articles without overcomplicating the key points.
  • My command over the language and vocabulary.
  • The willingness to learn something new about the job everyday.

Any client I work with can be assured that I follow up on every article I write. Be it in the form of responding to user queries or updating the story when necessary, my job is only half done once I pen an article. I’m always in sync with what’s happening around the world, tech and politics in particular, so factual accuracy is of the utmost importance in my book.

Given the rampant increase in fake news with some popular publications, I feel it is my duty as a journalist to combat this evil. I’ve always had the urge to shift into more pertinent issues like politics and inter-personal relationships in a rapidly polarizing world.