Current Job Responsibility:-

 Sourcing of Material: Review Material Specifications, Drawings, Technical recommendations receipt along with Indents. Create Purchase Requisition (in SAP), Co-ordinate publicity activity required for tendering, collection of tender document (two bid systems), Bid opening and Techno Commercial analysis, Comparison, Negotiation and issue purchase order after receipt of necessary approval, order acceptance and material follow up. Cost optimization by sourcing alternate products and new product development.


Material Requirement Planning & Inventory Management: Analyze past procurement data, consumption pattern, and lead time for ensuring ready availability of materials to meet user requirements (Material Requirement Planning). Monitor inventory so as to curtail inventory-holding expenses and adherence to the minimum inventory level to minimize wastage.


Logistics Management: Liaise with transporters to manage inbound and outbound logistics to ensure seamless, cost-effective movement of consignment and timely delivery of ordered materials. Schedule Pre dispatch inspection as per purchase order and arrange transit insurance.


Costing: Prepare approximate expenditure statement, which includes preparation of price estimation sheet based on drawing and available data (material cost, manufacturing cost, overhead, profit, tax and transportation cost). Preparation of cost estimation based on budgetary offer, overhead and other parameters.


Vendor Development: Strengthening existing source list by evaluating performance of existing vendor to ensure supply of quality material / execution of all job works. Development of new vendor for cost optimization and quality improvement.


Process Improvements: Review existing processes & give inputs to the management for process improvement, establishing process parameters. Conduct trials, identify deviations & make relevant corrective action to stabilize products.


Customer Relationship Management: Build and maintain long term relation between internal customers (Production, Maintenance, Finance, Excise & Sales tax, Quality and Stores Dept.) and external customers (Supplier, Transporter, Insurance Agency, Third party inspector).Properly attend and solve complains receipt from internal customer about quality of material, delivery period, services, unavailability of documents etc. Also properly attend and solve complains receipt from external customer about delay in quality inspection, pending payment and C form, wrong rejection, incorrect material specification etc. Arrange round table discussion for reviewing past initiatives, pending complains and improving relations.


Others: Excellent knowledge about SAP (MM Module), MS Office, Tax and Duties (Excise Duty, Sales Tax, Value Added Tax, GST & Service Tax),Audits, Road Permit & C Form.


  • purchase and supply chain management.