Conduct research, provide analytical research, writing, and statistics, and take part in the analysis, dissemination, and presentation of study findings. possess strong writing and communication abilities, a great deal of knowledge of statistical analytic data, and a background in collaborative work.

Draft content that, when assigned, summarizes research findings on certain subjects in cooperation with research professionals in order to be included in working papers and project publications;
Provide critical evaluations and summaries of the research body relevant to the initiatives.
Find and gather pertinent papers and information from online databases, libraries, and official publications.
Compile, read, summarize, and arrange written content into summaries and a bibliography.
Participate in expert-produced analysis on the blog and in all outlets worldwide
Assist with special projects and perform other duties as assigned.
Web Content/Internet Search:
Revise webpages to promote the expertise of the page
Perform online searches to find relevant data to bolster the documentation found on linked webpages.
Compose and revise summaries for posting on pages pertaining to the work of experts.
Ability to complete research projects with little guidance needed
Excellent writing and communication skills;
Solid background in quantitative data analysis and statistical approaches;
Excellent time management and ability to organize, meet deadlines, and multitask;
Fluency in English language (reading, speaking, and writing) is required.

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