1. Develop a unit level Marketing plan.


2. GP Referral :

i) Meeting face to face with GPs, organise GP meet

ii) Engage them on the concept of day care

iii) Get the contract/ Agreement signed

iv) Explore innovative association means with GPs.

v) Organize initiatives like Camps, seminars , talks, conferences and other events to increase product promotion.

3. Corporate Tie Ups :

i) Identify potential Corporate houses

ii) Make proposal, demonstrations and presentations to Corporate.

iii) Arrange for Senior level interaction with Corporate

iv) Signing of Agreement/ Contract

v) Ensure high quality services to corporate clients.

vi) Talks with Corporates

4. Surgeon Empanelment :

i) Identify Potential Surgeons.

ii) Engage them on the Idea of Day-Care

iii) Signing of Agreement/ Contract

iv) Ensure sufficient number of empanelment in each specialty.

v) Organize CMEs/ Seminars and lectures for promotion of the activities and services of the medical faculty and specialties.

5. Coordination with Branding Agency :

i) Provide them necessary support in terms of information to help them create Patient education programmes.

ii) Creation of Promotional Packages

iii) Mass media Advertisement

iv) Plan and supervise the content of the brochures.

v) Drawing innovative Health Check-up plans/ packages to attract patients and corporate.


6. Others :

i) Tracking and analyzing information on competitor’s activities, recommend suggestion to team.

ii) Plan and regulate Marketing department budget

iii) Ensure that a process is in place for monitoring the productivity analysis of visiting Consultant and referring Physician.

iv) Responsible for process leading to a high degree of clinician Engagement.

v) Facilitate regular feedback to physicians and other healthcare practitioners on performance and patient care practices.

vi) Effective implementation of marketing strategies.

Daily Feedback.

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