Senior Embedded Software Engineer
This position is an excellent opportunity for hands-on experience in Leading, developing and maintaining KIOS(KIoT Firmware OS). KIOS is an IoT operating system that enables quick integration of smart devices to KIoT IoT Cloud. You’ll be leading a team of Embedded developers in developing the OS to tackle the heterogeneity of systems and protocols to enable quick and reliable integration,
interconnection, and interoperability.

• Developing KIOS architecture
• Developing SDK for KIOT MCU’s
• Developing General SDK for third party MCU’s
• Developing Gateway SDK with Edge computing and Docker implementation
• Prototyping new technologies & hardware
• Lead and participate in technical discussions with engineering and business
• Making new modular libraries
• Optimizing and adding features into kIoT’s existing device firmware

• knowledge on programming languages (C/C++, Python)
• OS/RTOS architectures & concepts (Multi-process, Multi-threading,
Interrupts etc.)
• programming paradigms (OOPs) and other important techniques (design
optimization, performance improvements, debugging)
• Design and development experience on IoT protocols (WiFi, BLE, BLE Mesh,
• Experience on Dev Platforms (Arduino, Particle Photon, Digispark, RPi3)
• SDK architectures (Applications framework, middle-ware services, security
and build infrastructure)
• Good understanding and knowledge of cloud communication wrt iot

Preferred Requirements:
• 5+ years of experience in leading/driving end-to-end projects.
• Good understanding of multi-threading, OS concepts/fundamentals.
• Understanding of Linux kernel and internals.
• Know-how of SOC systems and related concepts, including bring-up.
• Strong aptitude, quick learner, self-motivated, willing to explore and work
across breadth of various technology areas.
• Hands-on experience with troubleshooting software and system issues.
• Deductive problem solving, good verbal and written communication skills
for collaboration across teams.
• Hands-on experience with full software development life cycle including
design, implementation, deployment, and support.

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