As a part of the Sports Intelligence team, analysts will form the crux of the data collection process and be heavily involved in the analysis that is carried out with the data immediately after.  Apart from this, all interns will be exposed to other aspects of InTheGame’s operations – sales, marketing and research, and hence get an all-round understanding of a company’s functions.

Basically, most of the work will comprise of:

– Data collection – Sports Tagging

– Data analysis

– Creation of charts/visualisations

– Liaising with the Dev. team to ensure all statistics are being displayed with the intended functionality


Interns will also be expected to come up with one ‘initiative’ – which could involve any of the below:

– Optimising a part of the analysis process

– Converting some models onto code (R or Python) so as to make them more accurate and quicker

– Creating and coding new forms of visualisations to depict sports data

About InTheGame Analytics Pvt Ltd

InTheGame is a Bangalore based early stage venture aimed at transforming the way sports and fitness is perceived in the country and making India a more sport oriented country as a whole.


We aim to achieve our goals by first providing performance data to customers who pay-to-play sports at various grounds throughout the city and then engaging with these customers based on their performance statistics.