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G C Solar Industries is one of the leading manufacturer of renewable energy products in india and offer a wide range of solar product which includes solar water heating systems (ETC & FPC),  in Bangalore and this profile is to explore business relationship possibilities with your organization. Our products range includes Solar Thermal product - Solar Water Heating System (both domestic and industrial).

Since the dawn of human civilization, man has harnessed power of the Sun for all his needs. The mighty Sun has continually dawned inspiring ideas throughout human history. Solar energy is radiated energy from the Sun in the form of heat and light. It steers the climate and weather and supports all life on Earth.


The organization is facilitated with the area of 60000 sq ft and 100 employees. It is certified by ISO 9001:2008 for facilities and systems in the areas of scientific research, production, management and marketing. Certification of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for its Solar Flat Plate Collector is on the process. Our organization has competent and dedicated technical and professionals. It has certificates from Testing Centre of Madurai Kamaraj University for Solar Flat Plate Collector & ETC model. Under Ministry of Non-Renewable Sources of Energy, Government of India, the organization has listed us in their website as Vendors for Solar Thermal Heating and we are eligible for loans at subsidized interest from all their approved banks and financial institutions.