* Manage sales agents/cp :
the most significant responsibility of sales managers is keeping their agents/CP motivated to close sales. They set weekly, monthly, and annual goals for the agents to work towards, and track these goals by meeting with agents on a regular basis. They also conduct team meetings and offer advice and incentives for agents to achieve goals.

* Hire & Train Staff

Managers are responsible for conducting interviews and hiring sales staff & train how to get customers, negotiate real estate deals, acquire financing, and properly fill out sale paperwork.

* Maintain Client Relationships

Sales managers maintain relationships with repeat clients to keep them satisfied and promote future business opportunities and referrals

* Meetings & Site visit

Sales managers will do physical meetings with clients who need specialized attention or who are experiencing a difficult situation. They also assist sales agents & team members who need guidance with client meetings and communication.

* Salesmanship
sales skills are fundamental, managers must to train their sales team to build rapport, ensure client trust, and make the sale on a regular basis

* Team Management
responsible to oversee the sales team and handle any issues that arise, as well as to make sure sales goals are met.

* Communication skills :
The ability to listen to and speak with clients, sales agents, and other managers is essential for sales managers.

* Business Acumen :
Basic understanding of how a business achieves objectives and goals to drive sales is important for sales managers.

* Performance management:
Managers must plan and implement sales objects and evaluate sales performance to ensure goal accomplishment.

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