Data Scientist I is responsible to support Trade Operations team in estimating Duty Drawback opportunity, by analyzing Bills of Material for machines that have been exported.  This analysis is required to prepare data for drawback filing. This position is located in Bangalore and reports to the Info & Analysis Manager responsible for this area.


Data Scientist I is responsible to support Trade Operations team in estimating Duty Drawback opportunity. The associate should have ability to support CAT Stakeholders and external vendors on duty draw back claims related to multiple years of exports across multiple facilities and Business Units. A person in this role is expected to support 12 facilities currently, with expansion up to 20 facilities in an year.


The job duties of a Data Scientist I are to support duty draw back claims in the domain of Trade Operations. To be successful, a Data Scientist I must utilize technical skills as well as soft skills.

The domain and technical skills are defined in 4 key skills:  Domain (Trade Operations) knowledge, tool (SAS, SQL, MS Access, MS Excel, Linux, VBA) knowledge, data purification & analysis and build required data to help with the claims. In addition, it is expected that a Data Scientist I is knowledgeable about the business domain and can work with the external vendor to integrate any changes in both requirements and format of data outputs to support the overall velocity of claim filing. A Data Scientist I is expected to be proficient in technical areas of the tool (SAS, SQL, MS Access, MS Excel, Linux, VBA) knowledge and address issues from a technical stand point.

In addition to technical skills, a Data Scientist I needs to demonstrate intermediate to fully skilled levels of the following values based competencies (VBCs):  integrity & trust; building inclusive relationships; customer focus; problem solving; priority setting; and dealing with uncertainty.

Although the requirements above describe most of the responsibilities of the Data Scientist I, due to the breadth of issues that can arise on duty draw back process, it is sometimes expected that a Data Scientist I take on other responsibilities outside of this job description.


Background/Experience (Required):

  • Bachelor degree in engineering, supply chain management, logistics or a related field.
  • Require 1 – 3 years of relevant experience in supply chain, Logistics or Trade Operations
  • Advanced Proficiency in SAS programming (PC SAS or Mainframe SAS)
  • Intermediate working knowledge of Python programming
  • Must be comfortable working in MS Office, and industry standard statistics and data visualization packages


  • Introductory knowledge of VBA programming, Tableau and Linux
  • Proficiency in SQL.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Good analytical thinker, experience in data analysis and project management, ability to work well in team settings and attention to detail.
  • Willingness to travel up to 25% of the time throughout the year.

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