Appen is kicking off a large-scale speech collection project in Tamil language to help our clients to build the next generation of artificial intelligence powered interactive voice response (IVR) systems in the customer service areas. The end goal is to allow machines to interact with and respond to customers with their inquiries in any daily scenarios, such as banking, hospitality, and more, with no or little human input. You can read more about IVR systems here.

In order to do this, we are collecting speech samples of general conversations that people would have over phone calls for research and machine training purposes.

We would like to invite you for the opportunity to work from home and flexible time. Make 4 short conversations of 15 min with a friend or family member at the comfort of your home and you will get paid for USD 15.

Kindly register at the link if you’re interested:

For your information:

·         No cost – call will be made via our platform and we will pay for the cost

·         No identifiable information will be stored

·         Payment – You will receive payment via your PayPal account after calls approved

·         Topics to talk about – You may talk about anything you want which covers more than one topic – vacation destination, cooking new recipe, a hobby, etc.

To participate, you and the person you call must:

·         Be a male over 31 years old

·         Be a native Tamil speaker (both caller and receiver)

·         Located in India

·         Consent to be recorded for this project (no identifiable data is stored)

·         Have not participated in this project for more than 1 hour as a caller or receiver

·         Have your own mobile phone(no landlines can be used)

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