MEAN stack developer responsibilities that the developers need to shoulder, for producing the best possible output:

·         Develop, test, and deploy fast and scalable web apps

·         Designing and maintenance of fully functional large relational and non-relational databases

·         Timely deployment of web apps on the cloud

·         Server management and cloud-based infrastructure

·         Establishment and integration of development tools as required

·         Identification of application issues when deploying the apps

·         App deployment on the cloud along with solving debugging issues

·         Coding architecture for frontend and backend

·         Building interactive consumer data

·         Collaboration with IT team, researchers, designers for designing robust apps and encouraging business goals

·         Creating features in apps that have a mobile responsive design

·         Testing applications and fixing bugs, along with security and data protection features

·         Establish code architecture decisions for supporting scalability and good performance

·         Makes use of popular front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, LESS, etc and design UI components

·         Participation with developers for the creation of scalable RESTful APIs

·         Conducting code reviews of peer developers

Technical Skills:

·         Expertise and experience in the four main technologies – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS

·         Knowledge of HTML/CSS, jQuery, PHP, Java, Python, OOPS, Symfony, UI/UX design, AWS, Git, and design framework, web services, JSON, AJAX, cryptography, and security, frontend CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, etc.

·         High-quality programming skills for a robust design

·         Experience in application architecture, server management, cross-browser compatibility, responsive design, and website performance

·         Understanding of DB architecture design and programming templates, Agile methodologies, client-side and server-side procedures

·         Familiarity with package manager-npm

·         Server management skills


Soft Skills:

·         Good communication skills

·         Critical thinking and time management

·         Good team players and ability to lead a team of developers

·         Strong problem-solving and analytical skills

·         Collaboration skills to support business goals

·         Competence for individual contribution

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